Saturday 5 October 2013

Yarn Storage

I've been having some wooden bins made for my stocks of yarn.
There are 3 bins for one whole set. I had 3 sets made. Yes, I have a lot to store. I can put one set on top of the other. I also arranged to have fiberglass fitted to cover each bin. Of course, the fiberglass can be lifted to open and close. I need my yarn to be contained but visible. I don't know how it will look like, so I'm just hoping they turn out yarntastic!

By the way, I got the design idea for the bins from the blog, "The Porch Swing."

There are many ways to store yarn. The design or medium you choose depends on the space you have, how accessible you want your yarn to be, on your budget, and maybe on the look you want to achieve. I chose to have those kinds of bins because I went more for storage than display. They have enough space to store many skeins/balls of yarn and they can keep my yarn clean. They can also store other items like books and other accessories I offer in my store.

Here are some examples of smart, creative, and pretty yarn storage.

If you're after celebrating the glory of having so much yarn, go for a full blown display - just like having your own mini yarn store. This can be a good source of crocheting/knitting motivation. This one is owned by Ravelry user lesliehsimon. It's also a good idea to organize your stash by color.
Photo belongs to lesliehsimon from Ravelry
If you want a creative way to store and hide your yarn, check this customized trunk by Meg of Meg's Knitting Knot. This will also work for the closet yarn hoarder in you :) Nice, eh?
Photo belongs to Meg's Knitting Knot
There are unconventional ways too. Try this DIY project from "Do Stuff! Leethal Blog" making use of recycled cans. Awesome idea!
How about putting skeins in your wine shelf or rack? Jacinda of Pretty Prudent had more yarn skeins than wine bottles.
Photo belongs to Jacinda of Pretty Prudent
If you have a tub, why not? Hygiene excluded.
Photo grabbed from
Happy yarn organizing!

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