Wednesday 9 October 2013

I Love Yarn Day Sale!

My online store, Gantsilyo Guru Selections, will celebrate I Love Yarn Day (yes, there is such a day!) on October 11 by offering all Katia Yarn at 25% discount!!!

Sale will start and end tomorrow, October 11. Checkout must be made tomorrow but we are giving you until October 14 to pay.
They are all made of 100% Cotton. Here are our selections of Katia yarn:
Cotton 100%
Cotton Cord
We may not be restocking these anymore so if you have a project in mind, maybe you can get 2 or more balls of the yarn you want to complete a small project. For example, the 2 knitted baby tops below make use of 2 balls of Katia Candy for each design for a newborn size. The knitted beanie makes use of 1 ball for a newborn size.
Happy "I Love Yarn Day" in advance!!!


  1. Hello.
    Im currently in crochet business. I do sell crochet beanie/beret, hair accessories and baby booties online. I would like to know whats the best type of yarn I will use in making baby booties?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jhen! Usually, either acrylic or cotton is used. You may try Red Heart Baby Sheen. It's acrylic but it feels like cotton. Always choose soft yarn to make wearing it easier for babies :)

    2. Ah I see. Thank you!
      I would love to join your workshop but I'm busy at work :(
      Please do checkout my Ig shop @a_j_creations. All my crochet works are there for sale. Thank you. Godbless

  3. Hi! I'm also an avid crochet-er myself, a yarn addict and will be starting a yarn and crochet blog of my own too. I know I was late for the yarn day sale, but I was wondering if you still have stocks of the Katia yarn, preferably the Candy and Tobago? How much would they cost? I'm interested to buy them. Thank you!

    1. Hi there! I still have 14 balls in stock of Katia Candy at P280/ball. I only have 1 skein left of the Katia Tobago at P275/skein. You may order through my online store: :) Thanks!