Sunday 13 October 2013

My Yarn Bag

No question, crochet and knitting are both convenient crafts. You just need to have a ball or skein of yarn with you and your crochet hook or pair of knitting needles, and you can practically crochet or knit anywhere (trust me, I've done my share of odd places to crochet in). I've crocheted in the plane, on a cliffairports, cafes, and even in a salon. Here's the (rather unflattering) proof. 
I asked the salon assistant to take my picture while crocheting and having my hair colored by Jocel the stylist. I really like Jocel, by the way, because he's so O.C.! So if you want to get your hair done in Piandre Greenbelt 1, get him! So going back to my crocheting, I wasn't posing, mind you. I was really crocheting! It helped me kill time while the chemicals on my hair were doing their thing. 

I always bring this bag because this, so far, is my best vessel for my yarn and hooks when I go out and about the city. 
I got it from Topshop a few months back. The body is made of canvas. I love how stylish it can be but practical for a crocheter like me. One main feature of this bag that I really like is the compartment on the bottom part of the bag. Ta-da!
This is the best part of the bag! I have room dedicated to my yarn. I place my other stuff in the upper part. The bottom part is solely dedicated to my crochet. I also like the bottom because the guards in the malls don't check this part anymore! It's spacious enough to accommodate some skeins and my crochet hook case. Because of this compartment, I don't get my other stuff mixed with my yarn. Genius bag design!

So how do you bring your crochet or knitting with you?


  1. Ohhhh I love your bag! I carried my yarns in a canvas tote so that was a separate bag from my stuff. Not sure about my next project though. Hmm.