Saturday 14 September 2013

It's Confirmed. The Bedspread Is Meant For Someone Now.

So last month, I introduced you to the first cluster of motifs for a bedspread I am making (go HERE for the blog entry). I said it wasn't meant for anyone (yet). I did it because I wanted to make one. Well, someone wants it now. And it must be for a queen-size bed! I originally planned it for a double-size bed. I am not complaining. A challenge is always a challenge. I like it when my crocheting "prowess" is challenged.

I made an initial cluster, but I decided to make that cluster bigger. Why make an initial cluster? I have this thing for color combinations per motif. The motif placements may look random for this cluster, but they're not. For example, notice the color of the round before the white border per motif? I made sure a motif is not placed beside, below, or above a motif that has the same color for the round I mentioned. This initial cluster will be my basis for the next clusters. Each cluster has 30 motifs.
I did the math (yes, math!) and to make a 60-in. x 80-in. bedspread, I need to put together 9 clusters (plus 1 column of 3 clusters). There will be a total of 285 motifs!
This bedspread is actually meant to be delivered April 2014. I have a lot of time. Knowing me though, I might finish this before the year ends. I have this fear of not being able to deliver on time and I guess I just want to finish a project the soonest that I can so I can accommodate more.

Yarn used for this project is Red Heart Baby Sheen yarn. It is crocheted with Susan Bates Silvalium US F5 hook. This is an adapted pattern from "300 Classic Blocks For Crochet Projects" by Linda P. Schapper.

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