Thursday 12 September 2013

Tunisian Crochet Workshop Last Sep. 7

I have 2 firsts in this workshop. It was my first time holding a workshop at Pipino/Pino and teaching with an afghan hook!
It was an intimate session. The workshop actually felt like a crochet hangout because we all liked crochet and we had good food from Pipino and Pino. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of the food! Since I have another workshop this coming Saturday (September 14) I won't forget anymore!
It was a treat working with Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn. Our goal for the workshop was to make swatches of 4 different kinds of Tunisian stitches. We worked on these stitches on top of one another in a single swatch so we can "conserve" the (very limited) Lily yarn. Yes, it's a rare yarn!
They also learned how to change colors.
In this workshop, the basics of Tunisian crochet were taught. As I have mentioned in my previous blog entries, crochet (any technique) takes practice. From here, you have to take the initiative to practice on your own and take on different projects so you can improve your "tension" and be confident with your outputs.

I couldn't end this post without acknowledging this girl's crocheting prowess (you've seen her in past workshops). She just might be the only 10-year old in the country who knows how to do Tunisian crochet. Yes, I am declaring it! Unless I am proven wrong :p
The first Tunisian Workshop Class of 2013 :)
I actually still have a slot left for the Sep. 14 workshop. You can still register by filling up this form. If you can't make it this Saturday, I opened another workshop on October 20 (Sunday) at PIPINO Jupiter (Makati), 2-5PM. You may already register for this workshop by filling up the form below.

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