Tuesday 13 August 2013

Ravelry Can Be Your Go-To Crochet/Knit Friend

Are you a Ravelry member?
Screen grab from Ravelry
Well, if you aren't, you should be!

Ravelry is a social networking and resource site for crocheters and knitters. Oh yes, there is such a site! This was introduced to me by crochet designer and blogger, Mimi Alelis

For me, Ravelry is a big-time database. This is where you can log in all your projects with all the details (yarn, hook/needle, pattern, etc.). You can also show off all the yarn that you have by logging in all your yarn in the "stash" feature of your page. So imagine thousands of crocheters and knitters doing the same and you are able to access all of that - wow :p

So why the wow?

You get to find projects and patterns for any yarn. 
Screen grab from the Baby TLC Ravelry page
If you have a yarn in your stash you don't know what to do with or want to find out what to do with the yarn you are planning to buy, just hit the "Search" button and put in the yarn's name and you get to see the various projects other crocheters or knitters are working on with the same yarn. If you click on the project, it will show where the crocheter/knitter got the pattern for the project.
Screen grab of projects that can be used with Baby TLC from Ravelry

You get to see different versions of a pattern using different kinds of yarn.

Every pattern source logged in to Ravelry is linked. So when you see a project you like and click on the pattern source for it, you will be directed to the pattern's page.
Scree grab of "Hermione Hearts Ron" pattern by Christy Aylesworth from Ravelry
The page will show the different versions/adaptations of the same pattern by different crocheters/knitters using different yarn. It's a great tool for yarn subsitution!  

You can get in touch with many crocheters and knitters!

Like Facebook, you get to add friends. You can also join various groups and fora on particular crochet/knitting interests.
Screen grab of Groups Page from Ravelry
I haven't been active in Ravelry but I always log in to get great ideas. I think it's the most extensive social networking site for crocheters and knitters. It knows how we work and what we need. It's definitely worth joining!

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