Monday 27 May 2013

2nd Wave of Coffee, Cupcakes, and Crochet!

Kim, El, Ivy, and Leace joined me in the 2nd wave of my special series of beginners' crochet workshops in partnership with Red Heart® and Cannon® yarn. 
Except for Kim, the rest were first-timers!
It felt like a steady Saturday morning last weekend. The "intimate" session allowed me to give more guidance over each participant.
In the picture below, I'm teaching Ivy and Leace how to hold yarn. Actually, there are different ways how yarn is held while crocheting. There may be a standard one but crocheters put their own variations to it. It really depends on what works and what is comfortable for every person.
Check out what happened in my previous Coffee, Cupcakes, and Crochet workshop here.

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