Tuesday 14 May 2013

Day 2 of Coffee, Cupcakes, and Crochet!

Day 2 of my crochet workshop for beginners with Red Heart® and Cannon® was a packed one. From making motifs on Day 1, they were already able to start their own Amigurumis on Day 2!
Day 2 was probably not as "intense" as Day 1. At this point, they already knew the basics.
We were joined by Jackie of Coats Manila Bay in the morning. Participants were introduced to other crafts like bracelet-making using Anchor Embroidery Threads. Of course, they were given free bracelet kits!
It's nice to see that only after 1 day of learning crochet, you already notice how much they have improved :)
The kids were definitely up for the challenge. They managed to make basic shapes!
Carmen and her daughter Gabie requested if they can crochet a shell cozy for their baby tortoise (yes, there is such a thing, and you can see a sample here). I made an original pattern for them. They put their own twist to it by adding a shark's fin! Now I want to have my own baby tortoise :p Picture of the baby tortoise was taken by Carmen.
We were joined by Jenny of Coats Manila Bay in the afternoon for our Anchor bracelet-making kits.
There's something about crocheting and time just passing by so quickly. Next thing I knew, the day was almost over.
Our class pictures! The morning ladies.
The afternoon ladies and kids.
Raffle prizes, courtesy of Coats Manila Bay, were also given away!
My thanks to Baba, Billie, Mars, Levy, Cris, Alexa, Carmen, Gabie, Lolo, and Amy for being part of this special workshop! Happy crocheting!

If you were not able to join this 1st wave, I have opened a 2nd wave on May 15 and June 1 (Sat). For details and registration, please go to this link.

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