Tuesday 23 October 2012

Thirty and Crafty

My friend, Alessa Lanot of Life After Breakfast, celebrated her Big 3-0 with fellow crafters and bloggers last Saturday at The Brgr Project along Jupiter St. in Makati City. It was an afternoon of good food, good vibes, good conversations, and good crafting :)
Alessa prepared canvas bags for the crafters to design during the party so one can be exchanged with another crafter and one to be auctioned off to benefit a school in Masbate.
Click the link to continue reading to see what I crocheted for the canvas bags!

Of course, we were all up to the task of designing the bags. People were drawing, painting, and adding their creative twists to the canvas bags. By the way, that's my friend Kaich (bottom right) using yarn to design her bag. She's a knitter and she also loves yarn :)
I wanted to avoid getting stressed to design my bag, so I crocheted some flowers the day before and just stuck them on the bag during the party :p I just drew some stems and leaves on them for added "texture."
Pattern for the "Tabby Oval" flowers (middle row) was taken from Crochet Garden book by Suzann Thompson ("Tabby Oval," p.64-65). Yarn used was mercerized crochet cotton. Same book was the source for the "Samarkand Sunflower" (leftmost flower, p.60-61).
I told my friend Kaich that deep down inside I love colors (because they generally show in my crocheted stuff) even though I generally wear black or white clothes. She said I must have been deprived of Lisa Frank stuff when I was a kid. Then I realized the unfortunate truth. I was! :p Haha.
The finished product. I regret writing "Gantsilyo" under the flowers using oil pastel! It looked...dirty :p I hope the flowers compensated for that.

For more of Alessa's awesome celebration, you can check out her blog entry here. Watch out for the opening of their new restos (just beside The Brgr Project), Pino and Pipino, on Oct. 26!

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