Monday 29 October 2012

They Got Hooked!

I just had my first basic crochet workshop at Craft MNL last October 27. It was a great experience and it felt fulfilling seeing the participants get their hooks on!

Our goal was to make granny squares. It's a simple pattern and it's something that can be done by beginners. I made them choose the colors that they want for their yarn in their crochet kits so they can add their personal flavors to the squares.
We had 5 participants for the AM session. Hooray to Daff, Sweet, Imana, Tammy, and Sydney for having the patience to get their way around their hooks and yarn.
Notice the kid on the right (below)? That's Sydney (Tammy's daughter)! She's only 8 but she's already making it happen with crochet!
We had a packed PM session with 7 participants. Kudos to Rita, Bea, Katrina, Christine, Jem, Tania, and Cheska for tapping (and reviving as well) the dexterity in their hands.
The participants and their grannies!!! Thank you for coming! And thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher :)
Special shout out to Imana Alonzo (the knitter who is willing to crochet) for her really cute knitted doll! She will be teaching knitting soon. Do check her blog by clicking this link.


  1. Craft MNL ... do they have scrapbooking and box decorating? I'm worthless when it comes to crochet but loves cross stitching, scrapbooking, card designing and box decorating.

    1. I think they had scrapbooking last month. You can check their website or Facebook page for the scheds.