Monday 2 June 2014

My "Crochet Rules To Live By"

I have these self-imposed rules when I undertake a crochet project. They help me a lot in achieving the results I want. I'm pretty sure other crocheters have their own versions too.

 My 3-Hook Test
When I undertake a project that has a recommended hook size, I test that hook plus 2 more hooks: one with a size lower and the other with a size higher. You see, I'm not a gauge person. I don't make the gauge to make sure I have the correct hook size or yarn thickness for the project. I rely purely on what I think looks okay. Very subjective, I know.
I test the first row or round with the recommended hook. If it looks (or feels) tight, I use a higher-sized hook than the original. If it looks (or feels) loose, I use the lower-sized option. 

Color Combinations Matter
I am very sensitive to color combinations. They can make or break a project. A simple project which can only be made of single or double crochets can look marvelous with the right color combinations. There are many sites out there that specifically cater to color combinations. I get my color inspirations from various interior design and fashion resources. Pantone is a great resource too.
Red Heart Creme de la Creme Yarn [L-R]: Aqua Jade, Brite Orange, Brite Green, Sunshine
The Back Should Look As Good As The Front
Or at least as clean. This is my rule especially when working with flat projects like motifs, spreads, and doilies. If your back is as clean as the front, then you did a great job. Hide your yarn tails properly. It would be better if you can hide them as you crochet.
Crocheted with Red Heart Baby Sheen Yarn
Never Rule Out Unraveling
I have learned how to deal with unraveling. It takes some zen-like attitude to be okay with this process. There are different reasons why I unravel: if I made a very obvious mistake that is hard to hide, if I lost count somewhere, or if I don't really like how my project is looking.
Do you have your own crochet rules too?


  1. Unless I'm working on an order, I only let myself Crochet AFTER my housework/errands are finished. (otherwise the kids will got to school and be home before I've tackled anything.)

  2. Please help. I really want to learn how to crochet and make nice projects. I have watched a lot in youtube.. What materials should i buy as a beginner? What store?

  3. My one basic rule is simple: one project at a time.

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