Sunday 3 November 2013

Tunisian Crochet and Vegetarian Food

The combination sounds a bit new age, eh? Well, it happened and it was a steady October 20 afternoon of learning this crochet technique and eating good vegetarian food.
The place was the perfect setting for a steady afternoon of crocheting.
I love the red-bricked wall! Pipino is located along Jupiter St. in Makati City.
I taught these ladies four basic Tunisian crochet stitches using Susan Bates afghan hook. They also got a chance to work with really nice Katia Tobago yarn. The yarn is 100% combed cotton, but you can work with other types of yarn with your afghan hook.
Tunisian crochet may sound difficult, but it is not. There are also many kinds of projects that can be done with it. If you're after speed and texture, you might want to explore this technique.
We took a break in the middle of the workshop to rest our hands (and get out of that crochet bubble at least for a while) and to get our share of delicious vegetarian food from Pipino. We were lucky to "devour" latest additions to their menu.
We had tomato soup, veggie triangles, and tofu bistek with crispy spinach and annatto rice (shown in the bottom left of the pic above). I used to be vegetarian, actually, for almost 4 years. But eating Pipino's food makes me want to relive my vegetarian lifestyle!

We're a bunch of happy (Tunisian) hookers!