Monday 18 November 2013

It's Never Too Late To Learn

Lola Lolita is 88 years old. She's been crocheting for many years and usually creates projects by eye (unlike me who's a pattern follower!).
Lola Lolita, through her grandson Rob, sought my help to crochet a flower.
I didn't do much teaching at all, to be honest. I just translated the pattern for her and demonstrated the first few stitches of each round. She easily remembered those first few stitches and just continued the rest of the round on her own.
Lola Lolita really enjoys crocheting. She's done projects for her grandchildren. She's also looking forward to crocheting something for a soon-to-be-born granddaughter.
A few days after, here she is with more flowers all made from memory!
'Til our next crochet session, Lola Lolita!

1 comment:

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