Thursday 9 August 2012

My Stash (The Legit Kind)

The Philippines, especially Luzon, is practically submerged in floods due to the unending rains. I can't believe it's not even a storm or typhoon - it's "just" a Southwest Monsoon. The flood in my area is thigh high so that makes me stranded in my own house. Since I'm stuck here since Tuesday, I got O.C. making an inventory of my yarns in Ravelry. It's about time I did this actually.

I started with the labeled yarns since they were easy to encode and identify. Check out my stash y'all (well, I selected the pretty ones of course, which were bought from Australia as gifts to me by, ahem, my boyfriend).
They're so pretty I'm so afraid to use them! I just want to lie down on my bed of yarns and roll over them :p

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