Wednesday 22 August 2012

My Convenient Source for Mercerized Crochet Cotton

Carolina's Lace Shoppe is my convenient source of mercerized crochet cotton. Almost every time i'm in Megamall, I visit their branch in the 2nd level of Bldg. B. I salivate every time I see that wonderful wall of different-colored balls of yarns :p
Carolina's Lace Shoppe in Glorietta 5
Each ball of mercerized crochet cotton costs P35 for the plain colors and P40 for the mixed colors. Prices apply both for Cannon and Monaco yarns. It's been a while since I visited their Divisoria branch but I think their prices there are cheaper. They also sell acrylic yarns.

Also, I got this note from them when I visited their store this morning:
I will be featuring on a later entry the various sources of yarns here in Manila. It's my goal to let all the crocheters (and knitters) out there know where they can get good deals on local (and possibly imported) yarns.

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