Sunday 29 July 2012

Uses for Crochet 1: Gift Wrapping Decor

Apart from coasters and doilies, there are many decorative uses for crochet. When I give gifts, I usually want  my wrappings done with a "personal touch." And adding something crocheted can make it look special. My friend Tammy will have her baby shower and I just wrapped this gift for her.
Pattern for the heart is from Baby Crochet book by Lois Daykin ("String of Hearts," p.59). 
I just used yellow and purple construction paper for the wrapper. The cord is made up of simple chain stitches using a combination of green twine with some blue-green mercerized crochet cotton as yarns. Using two different yarns adds character to the cord. I crocheted a blue heart using mercerized crochet cotton to add something special to my wrapping. I chose blue because it's a baby boy. I just used plain tape to stick the heart on the wrapper. I didn't want to glue it on the paper so it can be detached and maybe used for a scrapbook for the baby. The red scroll in the middle contains our note for Tammy. 

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