Sunday 8 July 2012

My Crochet Library

This is pretty much how obsessed I am with the craft. I bought my first crochet book in high school - back in 1999, I think. And ever since, I've been collecting all sorts of crochet books and magazines. Here are some of them:
Some of these books were bought brand-new and most of them second-hand (I may reveal my source in the future). I usually  choose those that offer unique creations. Crochet books tend to show almost the same patterns.Varieties usually come in yarns and colors used. 
Crochet magazines usually cost $5-$8 per issue, if latest issues are bought. Because I'm cheap, I buy back issues which  can go from P60-P100 (that's almost 20% of the original cost). Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, and Crochet World are the more popular titles.
This is a recent discovery. I've been ignoring those Japanese magazines displayed in the crafts section of National Bookstore, because, well, they're Japanese. I just happened to check one out and saw that it was a crochet magazine. I patiently looked through the display and discovered many crochet issues. Patterns are easy to follow since they use standard crochet symbols (and not texts). You may miss out on some minor Japanese instructions, but they're good sources. They usually sell for P70-P80 per piece.