Wednesday 20 January 2016

Crochet Hook Conversion

If you are new to crochet and you are just trying to figure out hook sizes, we have something for you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you noticed that the size 8 steel hook you have is different from the size 8 hook being used in the pattern you are following? Well, it turns out that even if they are both number 8, they might not be the same size. 8 might refer to IMIA or Japanese size 8, and it is different from 8mm or US 8. Think of it this way: 8 feet is not the same length as 8 inches.

Crochet hooks, and knitting needles too, are labeled with sizes based on different standards or should I say, systems. These could be UK, US, Metric, or Japanese.

I made a compilation of various hook sizes with their corresponding conversions so you will be aware of their equivalent sizes across various systems.
You also have to remember that there is a distinction between steel and aluminum/plastic/bamboo hook sizes. Steel is usually the material for the smaller hooks mainly used for finer crochet threads. Steel can withstand the extra pressure exerted when crocheting finer stitches. Aluminum, given its lighter weight compared to steel, is normally used for sizes 3mm up to 8mm. The larger hooks are mostly made of plastic or bamboo because they need to be even more lightweight than aluminum. It would be too much strain on your hand if your 15mm hook is made of aluminum instead of something lighter like plastic or bamboo.

I also made a compilation of knitting needle sizes.
Feel free to place a comment if you think there are corrections to these so I could provide more accurate information.

I hope this helps you for now (or at least prevents you from guessing hook/needle sizes).


  1. Thanks for sharing all these charts of hook size and needles correct size.these steps will add more perfection in the knitting.thank you very much for sharing it with us.keep posting.

  2. I swear I adore you!!!

    I'm from Argentina and over here the hook size is up to the factory that makes the hooks, more than the country they come from, so always using a steel 0 hook, i was unable to find equivalence when looking at patterns from different pages/countries/languages/etc.

    I finally found it thanks to you! And also, thank U for the explanation on materials and their purpose, I thinks it's really helpfull when it comes to taking care of your hands while knitting.

    Best Regards, from this corner of the world!


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  10. Thanks for including japanese sizes.

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