Wednesday 29 January 2014

The Hookie

Otherwise known as the selfie you would take of your hand/s with your crochet hook :p

This is the hookie of my hand holding my Hamanaka crochet hook. This is how I actually hold my crochet hook - like holding a pen. There are some who hold the hook with the hand completely on top of the hook.
There's another hookie option, of course. Behold the hand beside the hook...and the ring. I bought it on sale for P80+ in The Ramp in Glorietta and it's awesome. Maybe I can put a magnet under the ring so I can have an automatic tapestry needle holder (yes, I'm serious about this).
The veins! 

My hand, obviously, is not a pretty hand. I'm proud and thankful for it though because I get to crochet with it :)

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